Don’t Throw Away! Recycle Children’s Toys

So your toddler has outgrown his toys. There simply would not seem to be enough area in his room for his birthday gift toys. How about the basement or attic? Is there area there to percent up and keep his toys? hape

Rather than going the “hoarders” path or the “wasteful throw it away” course, how about attempting the recycle alternative? Are you conscious that there are children who would like to play with your baby’s discarded toys? Your infant’s antique toys are another infant’s new toys! Of course, this text refers in your infant’s toys which might be in desirable, playable situation, no longer damaged. While those toys are used, they may be also in a condition with the intention to permit them for use once more. I am not referring to broken toys, Trucks with wheels missing, dolls with limbs missing, or puzzles with pieces missing do not qualify!

Once you discover that your infant not plays with a selected toy, why no longer take advantage of this occasion to encourage your child to be generous by way of donating the toy to an amazing purpose? You is probably pleasantly amazed to discover that your child could be more than willing to component with an outgrown toy, understanding that other little girls and boys would be overjoyed to get hold of the toy. Your baby may definitely come to you on his own and assist you to recognise of other toys he’d want to percentage with different kids.

So, now that you have an outgrown toy (or better yet, a pile of outgrown toys!) where do you donate it/them?

Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Other Charity Stores

When you give to an organization like Goodwill or Salvation Army, you are nearly giving two times! You not most effective get the pride of understanding that your toddler’s toy goes to be enjoyed by every other child, but you furthermore mght get the pleasure of understanding that the charity employs people to run the corporation.


Of direction, the public library gadget is a incredible location for kids to be uncovered to books. But did you know that many libraries also have “toy test-outs”? These toy take a look at-outs work the equal way e book test-outs work. And they are super, unfastened ways to your infant to experience new toys and puzzles. Donating your infant’s toy to your local library is exquisite even in case your library does not have a toy test-out. Your library likely has a kid’s section which has a toy box of a few type.


A super way to recycle your toddler’s undesirable toys is to donate them to the children’s ward at your local health center. When children are within the health facility for long or brief remains, it’s always satisfactory for them to have get entry to to new (to them!) toys.


Places like Boys Town or Ronald McDonald Houses are splendid recipients of used toys. Because of the many children who are living in those locations, it looks as if they might usually be in need of more toys.


Your baby may enjoy giving his undesirable toys to his faculty. Classes for Special Needs children are regularly in want of developmental toys that may be used to teach distinct skills. And with all the budget cuts that college districts are experiencing, recycled toys would be significantly favored!

Family Shelters and Battered Women’s Shelters

Homeless shelters are very worthy recipient of toys. Children residing in shelters are already feeling the pain associated with now not having a domestic of their very own. Your child’s unwanted toys could make a big distinction to these children. Remember that your child’s antique toys will be new toys to different kids!

High School and College Day Cares

A lot of high schools and schools have day care drop-offs for parents who are college students. Donating your child’s undesirable toys to those day cares guarantees that your infant’s toys will both be used at the day care or given to a baby in need of toys.

Rummage Sales

More and more corporations are having “White Elephant Sales” on the way to donate the proceeds to worth charities. These rummages benefit businesses that want funding. What higher region to donate your baby’s unwanted toys!

Local Pediatricians Office

It isn’t uncommon to go to a ready room in a pediatrician’s workplace and notice bored youngsters. Parents have to always take books and small toys with them to their toddler’s medical doctor’s appointments, however the majority do no longer. Pediatrician’s waiting rooms are but every other vicinity that might gain out of your infant’s undesirable toys.

Garage Sales

Perhaps your child has outgrown a number of his toys and would like to keep his cash so that he can get a new toy or two. While this example isn’t always pretty like donating/giving away the toy, it is a great time to educate your child the abilities of saving and recycling. Rather than your infant actually throwing away his unwanted toy, he can help promote his toys at a storage sale and then store up his cash.

This article has (hopefully) given you some ideas of places you could recycle your child’s lightly used, unwanted toys. Remember that the toy can be antique to its contemporary owner, however to any other boy or woman it will be a new toy. By recycling your baby’s toy, anyone wins. Your child can enjoy generosity, the new recipient will get hours of playing, or even the surroundings will advantage as much less toys will make their approaches to landfills.